Transcription Services

When it comes to transcription services, three things are paramount: speed, accuracy and security. In all three, Cientive excels. We offer a wide range of transcription services, including medical, legal and business transcription services that save your company time and money and increase the productivity of your office staff.

What Do We Transcribe?

Our specialists transcribe medical notes, interviews, conference calls, business meetings, dictation, depositions, seminars, lectures anything that needs accurate, affordable transcription. We offer both online and offline transcription. Files can be uploaded from your digital recorder right to our transcription center, or you can call toll-free and dictate your notes for transcription through our Kalinga Interactive Voice Response system (KIVR). Either way, we offer a 24-hour turn-around time on all transcriptions, with an amazing 99+% accuracy rate.

How Do We Transcribe?

The way we transcribe your documents ensures accuracy, accountability and security. We utilize a three-tier method that includes:

  1. Initial Transcription Your digital file is transcribed by specialists in our transcription center.
  2. Proofreading During the second phase, the document is reviewed by a proofreader who corrects the document.
  3. Editing The document is finally approved by an editor who ensures all Cientive quality standards are met.

Who Transcribes?

Our transcriptionists are highly trained and specialize in specific areas. For example, our medical transcriptionists undergo an entire year of training before they work solo on an account. Most of our medical transcriptionists have at least 4-5 years of experience with us. You can be assured that, whatever your specialty, our transcriptionists have been extensively trained to ensure accuracy and reliability.

We do not use voice recognition software for transcriptions. In the transcription process, it is the human element that makes the transcription more accurate. Voice recognition based transcription provides much lower accuracy compared to a trained transcriptionist. Furthermore, a well-trained transcriptionist considers the context and provides superior output. Cientive has maintained an amazing 99+% accuracy rate for all of our clients.

How Secure Is the Transcription?

Very. You can trust Cientive with your documents during and after the transcription. Thats why, in almost a decade in business, we have never lost a client.

During Transcription Our transcription office employs highly trustworthy individuals who have undergone a security check as a prerequisite for employment. During the transcription process, no data or information goes in or out of our offices.

After Transcription Our secure Electronic Document Management and Storage process ensures limited access, off-site file redundancy and complete disaster recovery capabilities.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation on how Cientive Transcription Services can work for you.