Your documents, data and business files are the heartbeat of your company. Easy access to them is critical, but storing them securely is equally important. Cientive ensures your datas safety and your companys confidentiality through a host of security measures, including:

  1. Security Check for Employees We hire trustworthy employees who have undergone a security check as a prerequisite for employment.
  2. Transcription Process No data goes in or out of our office during the transcription process.
  3. Document Security Limited Access Access to documents is limited by a firewall that allows only fixed IPs.
  4. User Tracking Our proprietary system ensures that only those people with security clearance can access the system. We monitor who uses the system and what changes are made.
  5. Version Storage Any time a change is made to a document, the new version is saved and backed up immediately.
  6. Off-site Redundancy All files are kept on our on-site server as well as backed up off-site for an added measure of security.
  7. Disaster Recovery Should a disaster strike your computing system, we can completely repopulate your system with up-to-date files.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation on upgrading your document security.