At Cientive Group, Inc., we are all about turning your data into intelligent information by transcribing, storing, managing, and analyzing it. Cientive is an intelligent information management firm focused on three business areas: Transcription Services; Electronic Document Management and Storage; and Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation.

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The robust experience of our analysts allows us to work with companies in a wide range of industries (medical, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, technology) to develop and implement solutions that meet and exceed their business needs. From transcription to secure digitized, searchable document management, from mathematical modeling to data analysis and simulation, we partner with you to add value to your organizational structure and processes.

We understand that your business requires services that can save your company time and money, increase quality and productivity, enable you to get more strategic information out of your data, and ensure the security of your documents. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation on how Cientive can work for you.

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