Kalinga Interactive Voice Response

Our proprietary Kalinga Interactive Voice Response service offers quick and easy access to various types of dictation tools. You can access this service through your telephone or cell phone simply by dialing our toll-free number and selecting the option you would like to use. We offer a simple-to-remember layout feature to stop, rewind and overwrite during a dictation.

KIVR can be utilized for various scenarios in addition to basic transcription services. It can be used by banks or physicians who would like to have clients or patients complete a questionnaire or medical study. For example, 100 patients can call into our system and answer a customized clinical office study. We then transcribe the answers and provide a report detailing the conclusions. Likewise, a financial institution may wish to ask customers their opinion on certain banking procedures. Customers call in and verbally give their responses. The financial institution receives a completed report that details the respondents’ answers. More detailed statistical analysis can also be carried out.

Another way to use KIVR is conference calling. We can capture a conference call between two doctors and a patient, transcribe the call’s contents, and have it ready for access within a 24-hour period. Our proprietary KIVR system can be customized with almost limitless applications for a wide range of industries.

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