Electronic Document Management and Storage

Managing data and ensuring its easy access yet strict security is critical to your business success. Cientive meets your document management and storage needs for files we transcribe as well as for any other confidential documents and records that need to be kept secure, yet accessible. Companies in a wide range of arenas (medical, financial, legal, industrial, manufacturing, etc.) can rely on Cientive for secure document management and storage.

You can send us your actual paper documents, fax documents to us, or download files digitally. Your files are scanned, indexed and imported into our system, captured and made searchable for easy access, and stored on our secure server in an encrypted format.

Document Security

How do we keep your documents secure? Through a series of checks and balances:

Limited Access When documents are placed on our servers, access is limited by a firewall that allows only fixed IPs to come into the system.

Track Users Our custom-designed system allows us to track all system users and ensures that only those people with security clearance are accessing the system.

Document Tracking We provide version control and document access history. Any time a change is made to the document, the new version is saved and backed up immediately.

Off-site Redundancy We back up all data off-site at a secure location. File redundancy ensures that, should our server experience problems of any kind, your data is safely backed up off-site.

Disaster Recovery

With Cientive, you can be assured that, should a disaster strike at your location and your computing system becomes severely compromised, we can completely repopulate your system with accurate, up-to-date files. Cientive offers a solution that ensures your business continuity by restoring your documents in total.

Secure Advantage

With Cientives Electronic Document Management and Storage System, your documents are secure yet accessible to authorized personnel. Our services not only free up disk and server space in your office, they ensure redundancy and disaster recovery services for your entire portfolio of documents. You have realtime access to your documents through a secure Internet connection. Call Cientive today. It would be our privilege to customize a solution that meets and exceeds all your Electronic Document Management and Storage requirements.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation on how Cientives Electronic Document Management and Storage can work for you.