Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

We specialize in computer-based mathematical modeling of electromechanical and physiological systems to be controlled and optimized. Our experience is relevant to the design, analysis and controls for healthcare or medical device-related systems.


We have strong fundamentals in the principles, processes and tools of model development. Our expertise includes -

  • Compartmental models and physiological models
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models
  • Identification of model structure and parameter estimation
  • Analysis and synthesis of dynamic models

Statistical Analysis:

For statistical analysis, our services include regression, correlation and discriminant analysis. A model is a helpful and cost-effective medium to test a hypothesis and determine how the system functions. Models are used to design and analyze control algorithms. Control theory and system simulations are used to analyze and design controls for systems.

Algorithm Development:

Cientive Group offers algorithm development, which covers design and analysis of feedback systems. It includes the following:

  • PID controller, optimal controller, LQR, model following controller, model predictive controller
  • Controller performance
  • System stability analysis

Computer Modeling and Simulation

Computer modeling and simulations is key in comprehending the underlying principles of your system. We use various industry-standard platforms to develop models and simulations, such as:
Matlab®, Simulink, Real Time Workshop, R, StateFlow, SAS
Microsoft C/C++, Microsoft Office automation

What is unique about our approach is that we spend initial time with our clients, carefully performing question-based discovery to determine the real problems as well as to gain a deep understanding of the systems boundaries and operating conditions. With our approach, we are able to develop a superior path forward as we create, develop and implement solutions to complex problems. Contact us with your challenges!

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