The Cientive Advantage

When it comes to providing Transcription Services, Electronic Document Management and Storage, and Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, Cientive brings value-added services to the table that can give your company an advantage in the marketplace.

  1. 99+% Accurate Transcription Services Our transcriptionists are well-trained and our processes are proven. The accuracy rate of our transcription services means you can rely on Cientive for all your transcription needs.
  2. Online Technical Support We offer online technical support 24/7/365. Were always available to assist your staff with any questions or concerns.
  3. Saves Time and Money By having Cientive handle all your transcription needs, we relieve your office of that time-consuming job. When you save time, you save moneyand that leads to greater productivity for your office staff as well.
  4. 24-hour Turnaround We know that speed in transcription services is as important as accuracy. Within 24 hours from the time you submit your file for transcription, we have it ready for you to access online.
  5. Quality Control. Cientive has high quality control standards. Our three-tier transcription process has been established to maximize efficiency and ensure accuracy.
  6. Quick and Each Data Access Cientive can host all your files and make them accessible in real time, whenever you need them.
  7. Highly Secure Environment Your files are saved in an encrypted format, with limited access to ensure security. Our system of checks and balances ensures your data is not only stored, but is stored securely.
  8. Disaster Recovery When you rely on Cientive for Electronic Document Management and Storage, you can rest assured that, should a disaster strike that seriously compromises your computing system, we have your files backed up safely off-site.
  9. Confidentiality Whether you are looking to Cientive for Transcription Services, Electronic Document Management and Storage, or Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, our team is dedicated to ensuring your datas security and confidentiality. We follow HIPPA guidelines. We do not share or use customer data nor do we release data except to the original client.
  10. Engineering and Software Development Experience and Expertise. Most of the members of executive our team have at least one engineering degree; many have multiple degrees. Few companies have the depth of expertise and breadth of experience Cientive does. With decades of experience behind them, our experts understand the complexities involved in data management at every level.
  11. Customer Service. Responsive customer service is extremely important when dealing with your data. Not only does Cientive ensure the highest level of quality, we also provide responsive, responsible customer service. We view ourselves as a partner, an extension of your team, and our goal is to provide the seamless integration of our services with your processes.
  12. Training. We provide training to our clients on how to become efficient in using our transcription services. We can also arrange for certification of clients employees, if needed.

Our services are applicable to a wide range of industries and applications, including the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and technology arenas. It is our goal to offer quality services that can positively affect your companys productivity, efficiency and bottom-line profits. Call us today and experience the Cientive Advantage.

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