About the Cientive Group

Cientive Group, Incorporated was founded in 1998 (as Indus Simulation Teknology) in Indiana by Ajay Thukral as a data modeling service company. His first project was to model a chute for efficient routing of packages. Shortly after, Ajay focused on physiological modeling and simulation tools for algorithm development.

After completing his PhD, Ajays brother Vijay Thukral joined the firm and began implementing and establishing the transcription services arm of the business. Because of his biomedical background, the company initially focused on medical transcription, developing a proprietary transcription process that integrated his background in speech technology and automated telephony systems. Cientive developed its own solution, called Kalinga Interactive Voice Response (KIVR) systems. In 2005, the two arms of the business were consolidated at the Indianapolis, IN headquarters in order to focus on expanding the business.

The last few years have seen steady growth in every area of the company: Transcription Services, Electronic Document Management and Storage, Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, as well as software development and consultation.

The companys name was changed to the Cientive Group in 2009. The name reflects the many qualities we believe distinguish the company from our competitors: our efficiency, effectiveness and our creativity in providing solutions that work.

The real strength of the Cientive Group lies in our people and the uniquely complementary and deep skill sets we possess. We have, on staff, scientists, engineers and software application development experts, as well as specialists in technology, algorithm development in biomedical and healthcare arena, operations, and value-chain management.

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