Ajay Thukral, PhD


The experience and expertise of our team enable us to consult, model, develop and implement accurate, efficient software and process solutions for our clients. In order to be effective in producing creative, intelligent problem-solving solutions, we need to clearly understand the problem statement and the system constraints. Thats one of the many benefits Cientive brings to the table.


Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Dynamics and Controls, Auburn University, AL

M.S. Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Dynamics and Controls, Auburn University, AL

B.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India

Ajay Thukral is co-founder of Cientive and serves as the companys CTO (Chief Technology Officer), in addition to sitting on the Board of Directors. Dr. Thukral has a background in aerospace engineering. He has been an integral part of the team that developed some of the core tools for Cientives proprietary transcription services. He leads the mathematical analysis, modeling of engineering and biomedical teams at Cientive. He is a former R&D mathematical and modeling specialist and continues to serve as a consultant for Roche Diagnostics.

Dr. Thukrals experience includes:

  • Software Application Development
  • Modeling Physiological and Engineering Systems
  • Patient Modeling, Simulation, Controller Design and IP-associated Work
  • Aircraft Dynamics & Stability Analysis (Modeling and Simulation of rigid bodies)
  • Non-linear Control System Design
  • Vibrations of Mechanical Systems
  • Analog & Digital Controls (Regulators, Servos, PID controllers, Bode plots, Root Locus)
  • Modern Control Methods (Pole Placement, Model Following, Command Tracking, Model Predictive Controller)
  • Programmable Controllers (PLC)
  • Optimal Control Design (LQG, LQR, Kalman Filtering)
  • Discrete Signal Processing (FIR, IIR)

In addition to his work at Cientive, Dr. Thukral has teaching experience, most recently teaching graduate-level classes as Assistant Professor at Tuskegee University. He has authored and co-authored many publications In addition, his work has led to several patents.

Dr. Thukrals complete CV